Strategic Grants (Archive)

The Foundation for Saline Area Schools “Strategic Grant” process is revised for 2017-18. Instead of one district-level grant brought before the Foundation for Saline Area Schools by the Saline Area Schools Central Administration, the Foundation for Saline Area Schools now supports building level grants. Building administrators are provided with the opportunity to work with their teaching staff to submit building grant requests to the Foundation for Saline Area Schools. Making this change, provides building principals with greater agency to work directly with their teaching staff to increase collaboration both within and across school buildings in the district.

Strategic grants are designed to support major curricular or educational initiatives that have broad impact in the district. Saline administrators are invited annually to present proposals to the Board of Trustees as candidates for strategic grant funding. FSAS may elect to fund one strategic grant per year and will design a fundraising campaign specific to selected initiative with a targeted dollar goal. FSAS general funds are not typically used to support strategic grants but rather the award is dependent on the culminated efforts of the specific strategic fundraising campaign.

Benefactor support is critical to the success of the strategic grant process. The funding model for public schools in the State of Michigan has made it difficult in recent years for the district to earmark funds to create and/or sustain innovative instructional programs and curricular advancements that have distinguished the Saline educational experience. Please consider making a donation in support of this year’s strategic grant award.