2015-16 Project Launch

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Heritage PROJECT LAUNCH is a new initiative at Heritage School centered around the idea of project/problem-based learning. Students at Heritage will be engaged in meaningful projects that span multiple curricular areas (Language Arts, Social Studies, Music, Art, etc) and produce authentic products that involve our global community. The result will be more powerful and connected learning, as well an emphasis on college/career-readiness skills such as collaboration, critical thinking/inquiry and self-direction.

One piece of the PROJECT LAUNCH initiative is the introduction of the Project Lead The Way program.  The PLTW modules lead students through activities, projects, and problems surrounding major science concepts. Students apply their knowledge, using the engineering design process to create products that solve real-world needs.

videoWe look forward to leveraging this type of inquiry in projects across the subject areas, motivating students to view learning as an active, creative, (and yes, sometimes messy!) process.