2013 Grant Award Recipients

Head Grant Writer

Name of Grant


Leigh Ann Roehm Environmental Engineers Saline Middle School
Blake Foster Integrating Math, Technology, Engineering and Science with Microcontrollers / Microprocessors


Saline High School
Bridget Sparks Target Labs Saline High School
David Yon Cutting Edge 3D Printing Saline Middle School
Kim Gall Math-a-licious


Saline Middle School
Lindsay Guenther Lessons for Life at Weinberg Village Saline High School
Matt Briere Baroque Performance Practice Project Saline High School
Shannon Soenen Listening to Perfection Pleasant Ridge
Christine Dager

Brad Bezeau

Expanding Horizons:   Beyond Four Walls Pleasant Ridge
Chris DeFant MS Physical Education Curriculum Enhancements


Saline Middle School
Lucas Foster Fostering Reading Comprehension with Technology- Round III Saline Middle School
Janice Martin Stop-Motion Animation with i-Pad Minis Saline Middle School
Julie Marion

Chandra Batterson

Enhancing Literacy at Home and in the School Setting Pleasant Ridge
Heather Meloche Not All Calculators Are The Same Saline High School
Jessica Harmon Language Learning is Interactive Saline High School
Jenn Nelson

Tina D’Andrea

G.A.M.E.S. Saline Middle School
Jennifer Kron World Language Technology Integration Saline Middle School
Deb Waterman Accessing with iPad Minis Saline Middle School
Shannon Soenen Math Games for Fun!


Pleasant Ridge
Terri Mickevicius A Multi-Sensory Approach to Phonics for Pre-school Pleasant Ridge
Beth Gregones Technology Integration in the Whole Language Classroom Saline Middle School
Betsy Marl Character is Key Woodland Meadows
Bekah Kargel An Apple A Day Woodland Meadows
Judy Hayes Poets & Patriots HA, HER, PR & WM
Carolyn Osolind Communications and Adaptive Learning Devices Benefit All Children…. Pleasant Ridge
23 Grants funded by FSAS 2013-14 school year