Types of Grants

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Overview of Grants

FSAS enriches the student experience at Saline Area Schools by funding a portfolio of grants that provide incubators/catalysts for learning, align with key educational initiatives (e.g., SAS Compass) and complement school operational budgets.

Scope of Grants

Grants are awarded in a wide range of “sizes”, from those that impact the entire District to more targeted initiatives for classrooms or specific student populations. In all cases, student enrichment is the ultimate objective.  Proposals are evaluated using the FSAS Rubric.

  • District Grants are broad educational initiatives that typically impact a large proportion of students in the district, often across multiple school buildings.
    Deadline(s):  Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling (monthly) basis.
  • Building Grants are targeted at student populations within one of the seven Saline school buildings (Woodland Meadows, Harvest, Pleasant Ridge, Heritage, Saline Middle School, Saline High School, Liberty), and that have impact across multiple classrooms.
    Deadline(s):  Applications are accepted and reviewed on a rolling (monthly) basis.
  • Teaching Grants are the heart and soul of FSAS’s funding mechanisms and are aimed at enrichment activities within a specific population, such as a classroom or school club.
    Deadlines:  Applications are due in mid-November (February 1 for 2020-21 school year due to Covid Pandemic) and selected awards will be made shortly after that.  Depending on budget availability, FSAS may choose to have a second grant cycle in the February-March timeframe.
Here is the grant Application Form which is the same form regardless of what type of grant you are applying for…..

Initiators of Grants (who can submit grant applications?)

FSAS seeks ideas and grant proposals from a wide variety of sources in order to maximize opportunities for student enrichment throughout Saline Area Schools. Grant applications can be submitted by individuals in any of the following groups.

  • Administration
  • Teachers/Staff
  • Students**
  • Community Members**

** Note: All grant applications by students or community members must have a staff or administration co-sponsor.

Grant Funding

FSAS Grant funding comes through a variety of sources
  • FSAS Assets are funds that have been raised over the years through various FSAS events and fundraisers (e.g., Snowblast), and provide the vast majority of funding for grants.
  • FSAS Managed Assets are funds that have been provided by family/corporate endowments, and are managed by FSAS.  In some cases, they are restricted for grants aimed at specific enrichment activities (STEM, music, social wellness, etc).
  • Partnership funds are financial investments by either internal (e.g., SAS, PTO) or external (e.g., businesses, university) organizations to jointly co-fund specific grants with FSAS.  Due to the time-sensitive nature of partner fund availability, partnership-funded grants can be submitted for review year-round, and can be utilized for District, Building or Teaching grants.