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In an effort to promote understanding of Social Justice and help students learn how to positively contribute to the lives of others while demonstrating empathy for differences in peers and community, it is essential for our Saline Middle School students to be exposed to texts that showcase diversity and include individuals acting with empathy in situations where social issues, or conflicts due to inequity/unfair treatment, occur. While many 8th grade students at SMS have heard examples of Social Injustice in the news, due to our demographics, it is not common for these teenagers to have deeper personal experiences that help them build empathy about differences in peers. Bringing in novels and non-fiction texts that explicitly show how Social Justice situations impact characters, both real and imagined, and affect the world (outside of Saline/Michigan/the US) will help our students develop greater understanding of social issues which will lead to more empathy being shown and an increase of positive contributions to the lives of others.