Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Learning Kit Opportunities

The Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion library will be housed in the Diverse Equity and Inclusion space at the High School. This space will be available to all students and staff, and the space will be filled with books/resources centered around diverse issues such as: LGBT+, Racism, Xenophobia, Religion, Sexism, Body Positivity, and many others. Within the library, there will be book kits available for rent by teachers, students, clubs, groups, etc. These kits will include 12-15 books, a manual with questions, and opportunities for further learning and action. The purpose for the library and kits in this space is to increase education around different people, cultures, and social issues, and we hope that many adults and young people in the building will take the opportunity to grow collaboratively with the help of these learning kits. To build a just and diverse community and society, we have to understand different experiences and perspectives of the diverse world we live in.

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