Farm Science Lab-Bringing Agriculture to Heritage!

From the Farm Science Lab Website:
“The FARM Science Lab is a 40-foot mobile classroom, equipped with the latest teaching
technologies and tooled with STEM-based lessons that are aligned with the Next Generation
Science Standards (NGSS) and National Agricultural Literacy Outcomes (NALO) to increase
agricultural awareness. The FARM Science Lab reinforces grade-level standards with hands-on science opportunities while increasing students’ knowledge of how agriculture impacts their daily lives. Each lesson has been individually crafted and tested by certified teachers.” For more
information click: There are educators that join the Mobile Lab. It looks like that they have a rigorous recruitment process.
The lessons are already developed and follow the NGSS guidelines. Therefore, this is the equivalent of teaching a lesson that would have been taught in class in the field for a unique experience.
The Farm Science Lab will be at Heritage from May 4th through May 11th, 2020. Heritage is the first school in Washtenaw County to obtain the lab.

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