Fitness Development in K-3 Building: Rogue Fitness Folding Power Racks

In the gym at Pleasant Ridge we are dedicated to teaching our students about the benefits of a fitness based curriculum. With the introduction to many forms of exercise, our students are learning about what types of movements they can and will be completing for a lifetime for their own personal health and wellness. It is always our mission to give our students the necessary resources to complete these goals. With the addition of these Rogue Fitness Power Racks that will fold into the wall, we will be well on our way to completing our mission. Because of this, our unique K-3 environment will continue to meet the needs of all students and ability levels. These racks will be a huge upgrade over our current outdated pull up bars and will give us endless variability to what we are trying to accomplish from a station based fitness approach to teaching all students in our gym. I firmly believe that these racks will take our gym and the future of our students learning objectives in the gym, to the next level.