Kindness Rocks outdoor work space

Our project involves remodeling the area in front of the main offices of the high school into a multipurpose area that everyone, if deemed okay by the administration, can use during lunch or class periods as an area to relax or complete school work. Not only would this be a beautiful area for students to relax, but teachers could also use it as an area to sign out for their classes to do work in a different environment. The remodeling would involve resurfacing the area with wood chips, of which we have a lot of already, so the upkeep wouldnÛªt be strenuous, putting in outdoor lawn furniture to make the area more comfortable for students, and finally, a few tables so that eating lunch or working is easier. As an added bonus, more students would be exposed to the Kindness Rocks area outside of the school, therefore making them more aware of the initiative we are trying to create within the high school.