Liberty Pickleball Courts

The scope of the project is to resurface the Liberty Tennis Courts to fix cracks and lay a top surface of paint and lines to incorporate Pickleball. Currently the 3 tennis courts behind Liberty building are seldom used and sit vacant most days. Repurposing these courts would allow us the opportunity to turn 3 tennis courts into 8-12 pickleball courts.
Pickleball is enjoyed by multigenerational groups in and around the community and shows no signs of slowing down. At the Senior Level in the community, Pickleball is played 3 days a week all year long, they would also benefit from being able to play outdoors at times.
This project would be a partnership project with Community Education, Saline Area Senior Center, and SAS Bond. We are seeking half of the funding for the project from this Foundation Grant. More info and project details will be provided upon request.
Pickleball is currently the fastest growing sport in the world. More information about the sport can be found at the USPBA website

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