Red Glasses Movement

Being inspired by The Red Glasses Movement, a living legacy of a little girl who was not defined by her disability, I would like to purchase a pair of red glasses for each student and staff member at Woodland Meadows. It is my hope that these red glasses will inspire the WM community to do more things for others, spark a good deed, reach out to someone who needs a friend, think about more than just ourselves and our close friends, and pass acts of kindness forward to those around us, even if they may not be people we are familiar with. The earlier that kids can learn and grasp this concept, the more likely it is to be ingrained within them, so that they are able to continue it into adulthood without having to think twice about it. If everyone in our society LIVED BOLDLY, LOVED BIG AND PASSED IT ON, it would make the world a kinder and better place and we will spread the love regardless of typical boundaries.