Brian Marl

I’m sure it comes as no surprise to any of you that our school district is something our community is very proud of. Families decide to move to this area, businesses choose to relocate or set up shop here, because of the stellar reputation of Saline Area Schools.

In fact, just last Friday at Oktoberfest here in town, I reconnected with an old classmate of mine from Saline Area Schools whose family moved to this community in the mid-1990s from the UK.

When her family was deciding where in the greater metropolitan Detroit area to move, they considered numerous communities – the possibilities were endless. They settled on Saline because it was, and is, an attractive, safe, and quaint community. However, the biggest factor in their decision – she and her mother told me – was the high quality of the school district for their two middle-school aged daughters.

That kind of story cannot be dismissed as purely anecdotal – it happens all the time. As mayor, I hear it quite frequently. I’m sure that everybody gathered here has heard something similar, many times over the years.

It’s true for Saline, and true for Pittsfield Township as well, as my capable colleague Supervisor Grewal can attest: Again, one of the most critical factors attracting families, businesses, investment, to our community, are Saline’s world-class schools.