Ken Rogers, Jr.

I have many great memories of growing up in Saline and going through the school system there. At one time my graduating class held the distinction of attending every school building in the district during our 13 years in school Jensen, Houghton, Union, N. Ann Arbor St. and Maple Rd. High Schools. We graduated in 1974 in an era so much different than what we live in today. It was a much simpler time to live in Saline. Saline is blessed to have one of the best School Systems in the State of Michigan as well as the whole country. This is a result of a community that for generations has been committed to their children and their education. Those of us who went through the school system had every opportunity to succeed and have a great experience and graduate with a solid education. Mine prepared me for my years at the University of Michigan where I furthered my education and graduated in 1978 with a Bachelors in Forestry.<Br>

All three of my children graduated from Saline and have gone on to further their education and are very successful in their careers.

Since relocating to St. Petersburg, FL the thing I appreciate most from my years in Saline Schools are the friendships that were formed with my many classmates. My wife Deb (Clary) Rogers and I are constantly amazed at the number of friends who contact us to get together on their visits to our area of Florida. These visits are greatly appreciated as the one thing we do miss from our hometown are the many friends we made over the years.