Engaging All Communicators

The goal of this project is to increase staff and peers to feel comfortable communicating and engaging with a student who utilizes an Augmentative Assistive Communication (AAC) device.

a.) Grant funds will be used to purchase 3 IPads and an iPod. Proloquo2Go will be placed on the devices. The iPod will also have music on it so that students can practice commenting about music and youtube videos.
b)Monthly mini-presentations (10-15 minutes) will be held in 6th-grade homerooms/7th/8th-grade science/social studies room with AAC users to provide staff/students strategies/visuals/activities to engage. The IPads will be used to provide general education students to practice using the communication devices prior to engaging with the AAC students so that communication interactions will be more natural and engaging. Afterschool, monthly mini-presentation (10-15 minutes)will also be held for interested staff. Mini-presentations will contain information about strategies/activities including modeling, aided language stimulation, extension/expansion, utilizing visual supports, and recasts which are evidence-based strategies that facilitate learning for AAC learners.

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