The SMS Podcast/Radio Center

It has been many years since the physical plant of Saline Middle School has had a radio station type program where students from the various aspects of school life could be interviewed and share their backgrounds, ideas, and accomplishments with their classmates specifically and the larger school community (parents, surrounding community, other school buildings within the district) in general. The proposed SMS Podcast/Radio Center would serve as a creative outlet for students at Saline Middle School interested pursuing activities and careers in the areas of radio and digital entertainment. The students would engage in the space and use the equipment and resources provided by the Foundation for Saline Area Schools Building Grant to create digital and shared content that would support a wide range of the Saline Area Schools Vision Compass and Learner Profile. Initially, the experience would take place before and after school and during student lunches, with the hope of the class expanding into an elective course at our school.

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